My Weakness

weaknessLet’s face it. Everyone has one. Yes, you, me, your parents, your best friend. You came into this world with one and, more than likely, will leave with one. With what? A weakness. What me? Weak? No. You mean I have to admit that even though I have a great job, a fabulous family, and everything else I can dream of, there are times when I have to admit that I need help. Wait a minute. Help is what somebody else always needs. So, in that moment of decision, when you try to make things work and you keep on trying to no avail, what are your options?

You and I have both seen this dynamic in operation. We’ve seen it on TV, read about it in newspapers and books, and viewed it in numerous movies. Why is it that some people seem to be able to rise above their limitations and others never do? What hope is there for people like you and me who will most likely never be Olympic contenders to just get a leg up and be successful in an area of weakness? Where do you start when the odds seem so much against you?

What I’ve seen work in the past can be culled down to a few simple steps. First, instead of being overwhelmed with all the areas you want to change, stop and decide to change. That sounds like a relatively easy matter; maybe, for you, it is not. I’m a list maker. Lists aren’t the end all and be all in my life, but they do help me get organized. So, sit down with a cup of coffee and a piece of paper. Take note of where you are today. This is the time to get off your husband’s case and stop pointing the finger of blame at him; take a serious look at who you are and where you today. What are those habits, patterns of thinking, those aspects of your way of living that don’t reflect your best efforts? List them all. Then take Step #3: Pray. Yes, even though you may not be a frequenter of the kneeler in your local church, stop, take a quick minute and pray. This doesn’t have to be an exquisitely lengthy prayer but rather a simple one, like, “God, help. I know I want to change, but I don’t know how or even where to start. Please help me.”

Ultimately, I have found, that as I have asked God to help me, He always comes through. It may not be just the way I want Him to, but, He’s God. I’m not. Tenacity is the key. Once you make the decision, don’t look back. And, don’t hesitate to continue to be on the lookout for ways that God wants to help you. You might come across a book, watch a TV show, hear something in conversation, or hear something on the radio. God is God! He will do things His way. Bottom line: He loves you. He cares more about you changing than you do. And, His wisdom, His advice, His ways are really something.

Philippians 4:13 states: “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Sometimes our resolve can carry us and get us going on the road of change.

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